Blazing Trails

Blue Room, Blackpool (04.04.15)

Back in our hometown of Blackpool on the cold night of the 4th of April, firstly the quartet of local bands making up the bill were all of varied genres of music and all did themselves proud and secondly if you haven’t checked them out please find each one on Facebook and other social media sites and give them all a listen, totally worth it. Also, I purchased Dischord’s new album from 3 of the members who kindly turned up to spectate the shenanigans of the night, a review will be done shortly but until then take my word - they are a killer band who are making waves in punk circles here and all over England.

First up was Black Eddy, the newest band on the bill having only been around a couple of years now and having recently revamped the line-up with only frontman/founder Jamie Cook left, the music is described as post Grunge semi Goth and with Jamie’s ever poetic lyrics sung in his signature maniacal style backed up by Jay Devine, Tom Singleton and Luke Winters in a perfect mesh of the previously mentioned Goth/Grunge this band should keep our local scene healthy for years now. Special mention to drummer Tom for putting up with rowdy members of CSOD for heckling him onstage whilst playing, more on them guys though later.

Next up were the Drop Out Wives, in a hybrid of Stooges-meets-Sonic Youth they have been lurking around the local scene for many years now and if you haven’t seen them yet, you can always be guaranteed something you won’t have seen before. One of the most entertaining acts around, led by the legendary Stormy Weathers on vox and guitar, Lola Fenix on guitar, Rixo on Bass and Big Dan on the drums. Having seen them a few days earlier playing in an internet café in Preston I was hoping the better sound of the Blue Room could allow them to clear the cobwebs and did it ever, a tight, solid set of classic Wives tracks that sadly omitted the Gary Glitter cover they had done a few days earlier, instead concluding with Joey Class joining them onstage for the finale of God of Rock n Roll. It was like being transported back 10 years to when Joey was a trash punk aficionado in a band called The Side-Show Sirens with Weathers, Lola and Dan.

Next up was the Rowdiest, Most badly behaved band on the planet CSOD (Constant Source of Disappointment). Their brand of thrash punk has been bleeding the ears of Blackpool residents for 10 years of terror now. Led by Ligzig Rightguard (my flatmate and fried chicken fiend), Cuffi Love on guitar (rum lover and the most badly behaved), Our Jupes on Bass (should be well behaved given his profession but chooses not to be) and Big Red Kane on drums (looks like a cross between Sonya Fowler from Eastenders and Bart Simpson on Steroids), they proceeded to lay waste to the Blue Room with a whole new set of songs from the upcoming final part of their 666 Trilogy which was made even better by covering one of my favourite songs in Them by The Misfits. Ears bleeding slightly to the bar it was for shots of Jager with Damo ready for the Bombs return to home soil.

The first time playing in Blackpool since August 2014 the Bombs threw it down once more whilst sampling a new song called Trailblazer for our nearest and dearest which went down a storm as expected. The cover of Tom Petty’s "Running Down A Dream" was as well received as could be and will be a regular feature from now on. Hearing a couple of the new songs live, with just lead vocals, solos and backing vocals to lay down on the last 6 tracks of the new album (to be released later this year) - it’s truly going to be something special.

Gig finished, beer flowed and spilled, headbanging was done and madness commenced back at my flat. Without incriminating anyone, under the influence of much booze, Damo ended up with a concussion and a potential broken hand whilst I suffered whiplash following some impromptu wrestling with an unnamed attacker. All was forgiven the next day via text. Sadly for Damo, who had to be nursemaided by me all night, he couldn’t move his hand properly for days after.

Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff (10.04.15)

Fast forward a week later, with a vow from me and Damo to drink more responsibly and an agreement that every gig doesn’t need celebrating with Jager shots and wine, myself and the Senton’s set off from Shitpool to Cardiff for our second ever gig in Wales. An expected 4-hour journey took 8 hours in the end but was filled with piss-taking all round and had a soundtrack mixed by yours truly (DJ Kally-Babes available for all funerals, Bar Mitzvah’s and other religious services). Highlights included during the game of "20 Questions" I got my historical facts wrong and thought Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic was in fact real and therefore was the answer we were after. The answer to JG’s ridiculously hard subject turned out to be Frida Kahlo... we didn’t know who she was either). When queried to why I'd never heard of the Mexican Artist JG’s answer was: “Kal you are young... and stupid... and retarded, in fact all these things blend into one where you're involved”. Cheers kindly JG, much love for you too big homie.

With hardly any booze drank by the Freaky Naughtiez (Me and Damo) we arrived at the killer city of Cardiff. With the venue located and gear unloaded Scotty and Class went off to set up our nights accommodation. Not being able to understand a word the local female population were saying, the rest of us made ourselves known among the patrons, promoter (great guy) and other bands. Gig time arrived swiftly and as per, the lads proceeded to blast the Fuel Bar apart with a much more successful gig than the first gig we did in Wales last year, in the back and beyond, favoured by dodgy outlaw bikers who frankly didn’t want us to be there.

With the campsite a literal 2 minutes away from the venue, me, Class and JG watched Scotty put up a tent with what must have been the worst cub scout in the world - Damo. I had, what must have been, the worst nights sleep in the world by anyone, EVER. Birds tweeting too loudly, the rain raining too loudly and the temperature in my tent being the lowest temperature in the world, EVER... made even worse by Damo snorting like a backfiring Lada. I had enough and set off for a trek at half 6 around the forest, in what can only be described as something like the Blair Witch with a shit load of caravans, on the plus side no gnarly poltergeists to make my current situation even worse. Fast forward 5 hours with everyone awake, showered and fed (Class making old dears run round after him fetching drinks he didn’t intend ordering, cheeky snake) we set off for the land of Joy Division and The Buzzcocks.

Satans Hollow, Manchester (11.04.15)

Whilst moderately sobering up at this point and the prospect of another gig on the horizon we were all in high spirits, besides me and Damo having been usurped for back seat space by JG who out of 3 seats must have occupied a good one and 3 quarters. We arrived at the venue in good time to meet the other bands and load all the gear into what can only be described as a killer venue with fiberglass monsters and devils molded into the walls and a stage centred in the middle of the venue.

The Manchester branch of the Kal-coholics (sorry, Bombs fans) pouring in at a steady rate the 3 amigos busied themselves preparing set lists whilst the Freaky Naughtiez went off for Cocktails and Chinese Buffet. Stage time came quickly with the new song "Trailblazer" going down a treat amongst the good folk who knew the Bombs catalogue better than anyone in the world (Stevi, Paul, Darren and co.). Kudos to the band who went on previous to the Bombs called Black Diamond who seriously raised an eyebrow with how talented they were.

Whilst all was being packed down and me and JG participated in an impromptu pillow fight outside the venue (me winning, shouldn’t have thrown my best leopard print pillow in the road should he), we made the short distance back home with no one puking and everyone finding their home when dropped off right outside. Till the next trek, which shall be a double header down in London, the album should hopefully have been finished,nicely ready for the summer set of dates - we shall recharge and get ready to tear the capital a new one once again.