“A hard-rocking, beer-swilling, floor filling, shit kicking rock band."
Tony Wilson – Total Rock

Catchy firebrand riffs designed to ring hell's own schoolbell."
Mark Beaumont - Classic Rock Magazine

Punky! Trashy! Glammy!"
Johnny Doom - Kerrang

"Rough charm and grime galore, somewhat of brilliance."
Powerplay Magazine

“This is Monster Magnet & Buckcherry somewhere in the dirty backstreets.”
Mass Movement Magazine

“The melodic energy of Aerosmith combined with the sneering audacity of the Clash.”
Metal is Religion
“Do you remember when Guns N Roses were the most dangerous band in the world, a snotty punk inspired racket with hooks, molten riffs and a boat load of attitude?

Do you remember when rock had an edge?

Do you remember the last time you raised your fist in the air and screamed at the top of your lungs?

The Senton Bombs are here to remind you of those glory days, they’re here to make you sing, shout, swill your beer and rock the fuck out!”

Rhythm & Booze
(Excerpt from the 10/10 Review of Chapter Zero)

Release Schedule

2017 - New EP TBC

Contact Information

General: roguestyle@hotmail.co.uk
Booking: damienkage@hotmail.co.uk


The Senton Bombs  are a hard rock band from Blackpool, England (UK) formed in 2004. Starting out as teenagers, the bands influences and style have matured over the last decade creating a truly original and diverse rock sound. Renowned for their high octane live performances and extensive touring throughout the UK and Europe, the Bombs have released several critically acclaimed albums, building them a loyal cult following.

Joey Class (Bass & Vocals)

Influences: Joe Strummer (The Clash), Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), Fat Mike (NOFX), Tim Armstrong (Rancid), Eddie Spaghetti (The Supersuckers), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.
Gear: Epiphone Les Paul Special, Epiphone Thunderbird IV, Hartke HA3500 (Head), Hartke 4.5XL (Cab)

Johnny Gibbons (Guitars & Backing)

Influences: Zakk Wylde, Bernie Torme, Gary Moore, Slash, Clapton.
Gear: Vintage VS6CG guitar, Bugera V55HD 55 Watt valve guitar head, Laney 4x12 (16 ohm), Behringer effects pedals, Rotosound Strings, Dunlop .88mm picks.

Damien Kage (Guitars & Backing)

Influences:  Aerosmith, Drive-by truckers, Kyuss, The Almighty, Alice in chains, Megadeth, At the Drive In, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Petty, The Cult, Screaming Trees, Neil young.
Gear: Bugera Infinium 333 120 Watt, Marshall half stack, Line 6 pod 300HD, Gibson SGJ 2014, Boss TU-3 tuner.

Scott Mason (Drums)

Influences: Brett Reed (ex-Rancid), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Magnus “Adde” Andreasson (Hardcore Superstar), Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion).
Gear: Ludwig Epic Pro Shells ,World Max Black Brass Snare Drum 14”x6.5”, Soultone Cymbals Custom Brilliant, 15" Hi Hats, 19" Crash, 20" Crash, 20" China, 21" Ride, Gibraltar Hardware, Vater Drumsticks ,Remo Drum Heads LP Rock Ridge Cowbell.

Mass Vendetta (Album 2016)

7Hard Records (Rel. 15.04.16)

"The UK really can be proud of a band as great as The Senton Bombs. Scrunch up that GN’R reunion ticket, the past is present right here. Just great, great rock ‘n’ roll that you need in your life."

Uber Rock

“Catchy firebrand riffs designed to ring hell's own schoolbell. Hefty, high-minded slab of Blackpool rock.”
Classic Rock Magazine

"Big riffs, Catchy music, sing-along choruses, huge hooks, infectious beats and on top of all that, thoughtful lyrics. A veritable cocktail of the most scumptious, hard rock imaginable!"
TBFM magazine

"Our high expectations were not disappointed. Fast Forward Hard Rock with strong roots in punk, great songs, very varied."
Rock Tip

"Unbelievable great band. Absolute awesome material. Top release with a terrific sound, perfect production and the best tracks!"
Rock City Magazine

"Loaded with big, smooth and chunky riffs and shout-along choruses. If the G'n'R reformation got you excited, this may well be the album for you."
Vive Le Rock Magazine

"A genuine slab of rock gold, an eleven track affair that has it all, anthems, hooks, attitude, holler-a-longs, adrenaline, sweat, vigour, every box ticked, an explosive affair from start to finish, that’s guaranteed to satisfy rock fans the world over."
Rhythm & Booze

"The band’s most diverse and boldly adventurous offering yet. If it did not already, the world is about to know all about The Senton Bombs."
Ringmaster Review

"A hard rocking, ass-kicking, slab of brilliance. It's guitar-heavy, gritty, classic-and-blues-based rock, tinged with punk in places and played with energy and flair."
Black Velvet Magazine

"A cracking album with not a weak track in sight. full of typical British hard rock with riffs that hark back to the 70’s combined with a sleazy sound on many tracks that is a ringer for prime time Guns ‘N’ Roses."
Maximum Volume

"The Senton Bombs are one of the very few modern bands who have delivered an album that can comfortably sit alongside great albums like, Appetite, Second Coming, Wake Me When It’s Over & Total 13."
Soul Of A Clown

"Cranking up Mass Vendetta is like taking a trip back to 1984 when great bands were still getting radio play."
Moshville Times

"Raging rock n roll with the energy of punk and the beer guzzling, brawling sensibilities of unadulterated heavy metal. It's good old fashioned, head banging rock n roll, just the way you remember it."
Photo Groupie

“if you like your rock infused with a definite roll, some sleaze and a splashing of punk, they might be right up your alley.”
Firework Magazine

“Like the Backyard Babies crossed with Michael Monroe on speed. Good time hard rock is in safe hands.”
Get Read To Rock

“Masters of versatility, the Blackpool Rockers have come up with a masterpiece again!”
Planet Mosh

“This album could break the guys in a big way. Gutsy, balls out. One hell of a release. It deserves every accolade coming its way.”
Devils Gate Media
“This opus has dirt and grime ingrained.”
Powerplay Magazine

“Conjures up visions of Shakin’ Stevens, wearing one of Elvis Presley’s jump suits, rockin out on stage, smacked up on uppers – it really is that good!”
“A heavy sonic sound format built around memorable guitar riffs, pounding drums and topped off with venomous sneering vocal deliveries”
Rock In The Blues

“Absolutely soaring and roaring rock, a phenomenal rock band.”

Chapter Zero (Album 2013)

STP Records  (rel. 27.09.13)
Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 2014)

“Track by track there are simply no inferior or second best compositions on this album. Classic heavy duty hard core rock & roll. “Chapter Zero” carves out an extra niche in the bands musical progression. The future of Rock & Roll may well be in the hands of The Senton Bombs. Bring it On!”

Rock of Ages

“Peddling a high octane blend of punk infused rock ‘n’ roll have produced a cracking eleven tracks."
Uber Rock

"You instantly think – wow this is amazing and put on repeat about 20 times. Churning out music and lyrics of this quality they’re definitely one to listen out for!"
★★★★★ Planet Mosh

“The sound & direction are really focused. An amazing rock album that shouldn’t be missed.”

“An insatiable irrepressible triumph. An exceptional release.“
Ringmaster Review

“An outstanding third album that usually proves difficult for bands to live up to.“
Road Dogg Reviews


Phantom High (E.P. 2014)

STP Records  (rel. 12.07.14)
Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 23.03.15)

“To gush further is not needed. If I have told you once I have told you a million times and it is a pure insult to ignore this crew any longer. The Senton Bombs ooze class, the time is now to give them your 100% support."

"Phantom High takes us down the road of rock paradise with a mixture of great influences but more importantly a sound all of their own."
TBFM Magazine

"The contagious stomp of Nothing Quite Like This, a track which stands with crown jewels and posture to the fore and its infectious sounds crawling all over the senses and passions. Impossibly addictive."
Ringmaster Reviews

"Get yourself a copy if you like good, catchy rock with punk and gravel galore."
Planet Mosh

"Attention music impresarios and promoters, here we have a band that is able to take you beyond a ‘phantom high’ into the promised land of rock & roll euphoria."
Rock In The Blues

"This is classic Bombs! The drumming and bass work thorough out are superb and are the rhythmic canvas on which the band paints its musical pictures. As ever the twin guitars are used intelligently and add rather than detract from the finished article. The vocals, which, not only tell the story of each song, form a vital part of the heartbeat of each song as the words deliver rhythm as well as meaning."
Moose Man Reviews

Lights Over Phoenix (Single 2015)

Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 25.02.15)
Classic Rock Magazine - One Nation Under Groove (Iss. 209, May 2015)

"Lights Over Phoenix‘ is a mid-paced wonderfully laid back singalong tune with a classic rockin’ guitar solo, I’m thinking early Green Day mixed with Def Leppard. It’s a fantastic pop-rocking tune with a marvellous chorus, possibly the catchiest song ever written!"
TBFM Magazine

"Lights Over Phoenix' is sub-operatic rock, a deeply gilded and ornate offering tattooed with the bands new level of confidence and song-writing instincts that are there to salivate over. Perhaps one of the bands most mature songs to date, a real coming of age exhibition of a crew in a groove and heading straight for a collision course with success."

"There is no way you will keep this magic in the shade, the chorus is sweet and you just have to join in - like Def Leppard with bollocks!"
Studs & Punx

"The infectious and commercial Lights Over Phoenix has an instantly memorable sing along chorus line."
Rock In The Blues

"A more restrained but no less addictive romp to the first, the track strides with unbridled infectiousness and tantalising enterprise creating an encounter sounding vaguely like a mix of Turbonegro and Hagfish, but ultimately all Senton Bombs."
Ringmaster Review

Black Chariot (Single 2015)

Holier Than Thou Records (27.07.15)

“The band has produced another epic tune, welcome to the world ‘Black Chariot‘. A chill runs down my spine as they again get me hand clapping, foot tapping and swaying. Joey manages to sound different vocally as we have yet another country tinged rock epic with a beautiful passion filled guitar solo. It’s another lyrical masterpiece, simply a charmingly wonderful song.”
TBFM Magazine *****

“The dusty, leather chapped, cowboy boots, moustaches soaked in whiskey and smoke curling from the cigarette in the corner of the mouth all swirl from the atmosphere of this song, with a great story told by the lyrics.”
Studs & Punx

“A scorched and westernised drawl of cool assed standards with the coming of ‘Black Chariot’ and all its emotive triumph. Vocally superb and musically exact, so perfect for the style sought. I find myself loving this song more and more with each rotation and feel for the victim, get more involved and more appreciative of the delicacies included. The power smashes, the gentle string work, the backing murmurs, the narrative methodology – fuck yeah!”

“A blues rock spawned prowl, employing more classic and southern rock flavouring than anything they have bred before. The vocals are impressive, cleaner and clearer than those usually offered by Class and just as compelling.”
Ringmaster Review

“The drums are simple, sedate, yet sublime and the power and energy invested in each strike more than makes up for any lack of pace. The guitars play off each other nicely and the solo is simple, from the soul and fits so well. Lyrically this is typical blues territory – a man’s soul versus the power of evil forces. Reminds me in a way of the “Devil Goes Down to Georgia” although in this version the ending has a reality update and the devil rides off in to the night with his prize!”
Moose Man Reviews

“Nothing really displays the Senton Bombs crossover style better than the stand out track ‘Black Chariot’, as bassist and lead vocalist Joey Class pitches his voice perfectly into this dark epic which contains the lyric line ‘Soon I’ll be singing from the grave’ displaying a depth of conviction and self belief only achieved by musicians who are totally immersed in the pathos of their music.”
Rock In The Blues

Chapter Zero (Single 2014)

Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 27.10.14)

“Opener and title track Chapter Zero starts off with a beast of a riff that gives way to vocals that ooze sleaze.“
Mass Movement Magazine

“Like the bastard son of Backyard Babies and Social Distortion.”
TBFM Magazine

“Knocking the wind out of you with a big banger of beat.”
Powerplay Magazine

“Peddling a high octane blend of punk-infused filthy rock ‘n’ roll The Senton Bombs have produced a cracking eleven tracks that kick off in style with the title track and it’s Almighty/Vain swagger.”
Uber Rock

“The song is a stylish mix of the swagger rock of a Wildhearts and the punk fire of a Backyard Babies/Eddie and the Hot Rods union, and leaves the senses hungry and alive for more with ease and accomplished craft.”
Ringmaster Review

 “A maelstrom of crunching guitars, driving bass lines, pulsating drums and venomous vocals by the totally infectious Joey Class.”
Rock In The Blues

“Get this, get on all fours and get humped. Guitars spiral in many directions with that hip-twisting drive the band do so well. The production is choice and captures the finer facets of this quality crew.”

“The pulsing beast of Chapter Zero hits you, its deep, dark and takes me aback as the venom pours from Joey’s throat. Makes for compulsive listening, well constructed and with the lyrics telling the story, it’s difficult to get away from this addiction.”
Stude & Punks

Darkest Horse (Single 2014)

Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 21.07.14)

"This is one of the best tracks I have heard. I don’t mean ‘by this band’. Nor do I mean in ‘ the last few years’. I mean EVER. This is simply AWESOME. The vocals are sublime, the backing vocals perfect, the drumming of the finest quality, the guitar work is exquisite, particularly the acoustic sections which have such a Zepplinesque quality about them."

Moose Man Reviews

"A country tinged sophisticated piece of work that will impregnate your mind & musical senses. A perfectly put together song with cultivated lyrics and a high standard of musicianship."
TBFM Magazine

"Darkest Horse could quite easily have writing credits that read “Hudson/McKagan”. A storming straight up piece of classic hard rock."
Uber Rock

"This is a momentous offering that moves the band into new wondrous realms. The song is everything a fine song should be - a solid session of wrap-around sound that reeks of excellence."

"The Darkest Horse, so aptly named, is another superb track which proves this band ‘ain’t no one trick pony’ as they unleash their Darkest Horse upon our ears."
Rock In The Blues

"Darkest Horse – Country and Western meets Punk. ‘The House is Burning Down’ meets a ‘Ring of Fire’. Joey Class meets Johnny Cash!"
Planet Mosh

"This Cowboy rock monster is ****ing awesome, the first time I heard this I stopped breathing as it was interfering with the beauty and majesty of this, and I still do. Rock poetry divine."
Studs & Punks

Nothing Quite Like This (Single 2014)

Holier Than Thou Records  (rel. 05.12.14)

"This is solid, punchy Rock which comes across as a mix of The Ramones and The Almighty with a fair dash of Guns N' Roses (when they were good)."

"A cock rocking catchy anthem with massive bang banging of the drums, rumbling bass & a great little guitar solo, bombs, bombs, bombs away!."
TBFM Magazine

"The contagious stomp of Nothing Quite Like This, a track which stands with crown jewels and posture to the fore and its infectious sounds crawling all over the senses and passions. Impossibly addictive."
Ringmaster Reviews

"The next track Nothing Quite Like This does indeed live up to its name! It’s one of those songs where you instantly think – wow this is amazing and put on repeat about 20 times!"
Planet Mosh

"Nothing Quite Like This” stomps all over you like an army of mutant monsters with heavy duty boots who march on driven by the hypnotic metal riffing axe men, Messrs Kage and Gibbons."
Rock In The Blues

"A stomping, marching affair, this is good time rock n roll and there is nothing quite like this. This is a song about music, bands, writing songs and rocking out and it’s ACE, the pounding continues throughout and is like a heartbeat."
Studs & Punx

Gambit (Album 2012)

"This is a rock and roll record of the highest Quality and shows the band that have always been good are now great. They are gonna end your comfy world and drag you into the hazy, heady world of Rock and Roll - Senton Bombs Style!”
★★★★★ Studs & Punks

Sweet Chin Music (Album 2009)

"Swaggering punk cum rock with a melodic mix of adrenalin rush guitar, thumping drums and turbo bass that is thoroughly infected with snarl 'n' sneer vocals of the effective kind. Scissor kicking punk 'n' roll delivered with articulate excellence and astonishing accuracy.” 
“If you get chance to see The Senton Bombs then grab it with both hands – satisfaction guaranteed.”
Chris Kee, Powerplay Magazine
Example of SB Live Schedule:

23/01   The Maze, Nottingham
07/03   Sitwell Tavern, Derby
15/03   Lomax, Liverpool                    
22/03   Star & Garter, Manchester
23/03   Fighting Cocks, London
26/03   Eagle Inn, Salford
28/03   The Attic, Accrington
05/04   Cottage of Content, Chasetown
18/04   The Patriot, Crumlin - Wales
19/04   Blue Room, Blackpool
20/04   Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley
25/04   Rockstjernen, Herning - Denmark
26/04   Radar, Aarhus - Denmark
03/05   Uncle Toms Cabin, Blackpool
04/05   NLC/RACPA Festival, Nottingham
25/05   Nice N Sleazy Festival, Morecambe
05/06   Dublin Castle, London
07/06   Vintage Rock Bar, Doncaster
14/06   South Sea Live, Sheffield
28/06   The Parish, Huddersfield
18/07   Ye Olde Salutation, Nottingham
19/07   South Sea Live, Sheffield
24/07   Roadhouse, Birmingham
25/07   Dublin Castle, London
26/07   Hellfire Club, Redhill
27/07   12 Bar Club Soho
30/07   The Snooty Fox, Wakefield
31/07   Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
02/08   Blue Room, Blackpool
06/08   The Tache, Blackpool
23/08   Tatcon Festival, Blackpool
29/08   Blitz, Preston
04/09   Backstage, Aarhus – Denmark
05/09   Rockstjernen, Herning - Denmark
06/09   High Voltage, Copenhagen - Denmark
20/09   Winter Gardens, Blackpool
26/09   Fighting Cocks, London
27/09   Blue Room, Blackpool
11/10   Mad Ferret, Preston
31/10   Turks Head, Darlington
20/12   Star & Garter, Manchester

07/02   Snooty Fox, Wakefield
27/03   Lounge 41, Workington
04/04   Blue Room, Blackpool                   
10/04   Fuel Rock Bar, Cardiff - Wales
11/04   Satans Hollow, Manchester
01/05   Fighting Cocks, Kingston
02/05   Roadtrip Bar, London
05/04   Cottage of Content, Chasetown
23/05   Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove
24/05   Lechlade Festival, Lechlade
25/05   The Victory, Sunderland
30/05   Corner Flag, Sunderland
12/06   Alley Cat, Soho
13/06   T-Chances, Tottenham
27/06   Rock & Blues Bar, Barnsley
17/07   Hope & Anchor, Islington
01/08   T-Chances, Tottenham
05/08   The Tache, Blackpool
28/08   Vine Bar, Workington
30/08   Blue Room, Blackpool
02/10   Bootleg Social, Blackpool
03/10   Corner Flag, Sunderland
04/10   Fighting Cocks, Kingston
15/10   Cafe Bel Air, Breda - Netherlands
16/10   Cafe De Sluys, Munnekezjil - Netherlands
17/10   Cafe Jack, Eindhoven - Netherlands
18/10   Home, Eibergen - Netherlands
23/10   Zanazibar, Liverpool
24/10   Rugby Tavern, Bispham
30/10   Bootleg Social, Blackpool
04/11   Cowboy Und Indianer, Hamburg - Germany
05/11   Cowboy Und Indianer, Hamburg - Germany
06/11   Rock Cafe De Engel, Den Helder - Netherlands
07/11   OJC De Roos, Deurne - Netherlands
08/11   Cafe Calluna, Ommen - Netherlands
20/11   Rebellion, Manchester
27/11   Railway Club, Southport
05/12   Iron Road, Evesham