“A hard-rocking, beer-swilling, floor filling, shit kicking rock band."
Tony Wilson – Total Rock

Catchy firebrand riffs designed to ring hell's own schoolbell."
Mark Beaumont - Classic Rock Magazine

Punky! Trashy! Glammy!"
Johnny Doom - Kerrang

"Rough charm and grime galore, somewhat of brilliance."
Powerplay Magazine

“This is Monster Magnet & Buckcherry somewhere in the dirty backstreets.”
Mass Movement Magazine

“The melodic energy of Aerosmith combined with the sneering audacity of the Clash.”
Metal is Religion
“Do you remember when Guns N Roses were the most dangerous band in the world, a snotty punk inspired racket with hooks, molten riffs and a boat load of attitude?

Do you remember when rock had an edge?

Do you remember the last time you raised your fist in the air and screamed at the top of your lungs?

The Senton Bombs are here to remind you of those glory days, they’re here to make you sing, shout, swill your beer and rock the fuck out!”

Rhythm & Booze
(Excerpt from the 10/10 Review of Chapter Zero)

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2017 - New EP TBC

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