Formative Years (2004 – 2008) 

The Senton Bombs formed in the seaside village of Bispham, Blackpool on the North West coast of England, UK.
Making their debut as the Terrorists in the summer of 2004 they made an immediate impact on the local scene and word spread about their style, originally branded as “Punk Infected Rock n Roll”, as well as their unpredictable and riotous live performances.
The original line-up consisted of Joey Class on bass and vocals, Damien Kage and his brother Jimmy on guitars, with Ronnie Bomb on drums. They produced three demo records (DDT - 2005, Death Valley Driver - 2006 and Crimson Mask - 2007) before Ronnie departed in mid-2007 to be replaced by Josh ‘Manchild’ Bellew. The second line-up produced a fourth demo entitled ‘From Parts Unknown’ in early 2008 before both Josh and Jimmy left the band. Ronnie Bomb would go on to produce all the future studio recordings as he pursued his career as a record producer.
During this 4-year period the band played hundreds of gigs around England, appearing on a variety of festivals and playing support to a host of big name bands. Local label ‘Just Say No To Government Music’ released ‘The Ugly Truth About Blackpool vol.2’ which featured the demo track Surf 6-66. Critics praised the bands endeavor and called for the recording of a studio album to capture the energy of their live shows.
Sweet Chin Music & Gambit (2009-2012)
Scott Mason joined on drums completing the third line-up, a 3-piece with Class and Kage (Damien). They continued the bands relentless gig schedule until the summer of 2009 when Johnny Gibbons agreed to play some guest lead guitar on the band's first studio album, Sweet Chin Music. Shortly after production Johnny joined permanently, completing the fourth and current line-up.
More gigs followed, as did many strong reviews for Sweet Chin Music, encouraging the band to write an entire album with their new look. In June 2012 their second album ‘Gambit’ was released and would propel the name and stature higher than ever before. Lead single Hooked was featured as track of the week on British Unsigned, the video for second single ‘Do Your Job’ won the Beat100 Music Video awards with over 1500 votes. Five star reviews began to stack up as the Bombs finally started to be recognised as ‘a band on the rise’.
Chapter Zero & Phantom High (2013-2015)
Hot on the success of Gambit, the Bombs went straight back into the studio and produced another 11-track album entitled Chapter Zero, which resulted in many breakthrough moments. The album garnered label interest, with the band agreeing a deal with STP Records to release the album in September of 2013. Both TBFM Magazine and Pure Rawk nominated Chapter Zero for “Best new album of 2013”, critics raved, with Powerplay Magazine  calling the album “Somewhat of a brilliance".
After the release of Chapter Zero the Bombs appeared in the national finals of Highway to Hell in Glasgow and then embarked on a seemingly endless tour schedule into 2014. Two tours of Denmark and a UK tour saw the launch of a new limited edition EP entitled Phantom High, again released on STP Records. A significant record deal was then signed with Holier Than Thou Records, taking the bands music into the digital market.

After countless live appearances in 2014 the Bombs returned to the studio and completed their highly anticipated fourth album in June 2015. The band continued their vigorous live schedule with notable appearances at Lechlade and Breaking Bands festivals, as well as a feature on the Classic Rock cover –mount CD. Numerous endorsements were secured, including a full band endorsement from Vintage Guitars. A tour of Europe (Germany and Netherlands) and the release of the single 'Mainstream' would see out 2015.

Mass Vendetta & Outsiders (2016-2019)

Following on from the growing successes of the previous 3 years the SB agreed a deal with German record label 7Hard, which would see their fourth album Mass Vendetta released into the global market by the labels various distribution partners, including Sony and Universal. Countless glowing reviews were received with Classic Rock's Mark Beaumont describing the album as "Catchy firebrand riffs designed to ring hell's own schoolbell". National radio play followed with Planet Rock and Kerrang picking up the subsequent single releases.

In 2017 the band made several festival appearances, including their first appearance at the world's biggest punk festival 'Rebellion' in their hometown of Blackpool. With several more big festival announcements lined-up for 2018, including Hard Rock Hell Sleaze and AOR Festivals, the band went back into the studio in December '17 to begin work on their fifth studio album 'Outsiders'.

Upon releasing singles from 'Outsiders' the Bombs hit the stage with the likes of The Supersuckers and Bullets & Octane, as well as building their fanbase with notable festival appearances. The album garnered wide critical acclaim, as the band took a break from touring in 2019.

Aerial Threat (2020-Present)

Although 2019 was a quieter year on stage, the Bombs returned to the studio to complete their sixth album. The album wrapped in March 2020 as the global pandemic began, forcing the band to void release plans and tours, focussing on a single release schedule. Third single 'Lake' became a digital hit with multiple thousands of streams after it's release.

'Aerial Threat' was launched in March 2021, with the band still unable to tour. Reviewers, again, gave the album high praise with several magazine and radio features. The Bombs finally returned to the stage in late 2021, with further plans for 2022 and the potential launch of an unreleased/rarities record.

This is the story so far…

Joey Class

Job: Bass & Vocals

Gear: Epiphone Thunderbird IV, Epihone Les Paul Special, Hartke HA3500 (head), Hartke 4.5 XL (Cab)

Influences: Joe Strummer, Greg Graffin, Fat Mike, Tim Armstrong, Eddie Spaghetti, Dave Mustaine, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young.

Favourite Bands: Aerosmith, The Supersuckers, The Clash, Bad Religion, Drive-By truckers, Rancid, NOFX, Megadeth.

"Joey Class has the perfect voice, very sleazy but also tuneful." - Alan Holloway, Rocktopia

Johnny Gibbons

Job: Guitar & Backing Vocals

Gear: Vintage VS6CG Guitar, Burgera V55HD 55 Watt Valve Guitar Head, Laney 4x12 (16ohm), Behringer Effects Pedal, Rotosound strings, Dunlop .88mm picks. 

Influences: Zakk Wylde, Berne Torme, Gary Moore, Slash, Eric Clapton.

Favourite Bands: Guns N Roses, Slayer, Pantera.

"Hypnotic metal riffing axe man Gibbons" - Rock In The Blues

Damien Kage