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Welcome to the latest edition of the greatest piece of tour reviewing on the internet in ‘Road Stories with Kally Ka$h’. This one will be shorter than usual, covering only two gigs worth, but the stuff we have on the go behind the scenes is incredible right now, 2018 is shaping to be a big one. 

New SB tunes are sounding monstrous according to Mr Class with the lads almost ready to go back into the studio for a new album. On top of our already announced HRH-AOR slot in March we have been confirmed as support for Bullets and Octane in Bolton next February and, most exciting of all, HRH-Sleaze in September. This one is a bit mental and sent us all into a bit of a happy meltdown. Supporting one of our collective favourites in Backyard Babies is unreal, and L.A Guns too, is just insane. I raved on to Gibbons about how good Guns were live back in March and I couldn’t be happier that he gets to see and play with them, I cant think of an encore I’ve gone more mad for than Never Enough, Ballad of Jayne into Rip & Tear and having my four SB bro’s bouncing around along side will be a highlight of the year for sure. Super cool to have Falling Red, Main Grains, Psychobabylon and Idol Dead along side us for the ride too. We’re also hoping to pencil in another Danish tour with our continental brothers Kjurious and Zoo me Now, its been too long since we shared crates of Tuborg and tore Copenhagen a new one just like in 2014. But for now dear readers, let’s catch up on the recent rockin’. 

Maverick Rock Bar, Burnley (06.10.17) 

A new venue to tear up for the SB! Literally a  brand new venue and as first band on the first night of this mighty fine establishment it was all handshakes and greetings when we arrived and met up with The Main Grains and Mayhem Freak. I ended up having a right good chat with Grains drummer Ginna about the Manic Street Preacher’s discography, whilst Danny McCormack was on his usual friendly top form. 

It filled up nicely over time and plenty of our fans had travelled from far around to join us. SB slayed as per, a typically on-fire, high-energy affair with a highly fitting tribute to the sadly, recently deceased Tom Petty in the form of “Running Down a Dream”. I found out during the set that our good buddy and big fan Martin Short had been ejected from the venue for flyering for charity gigs to raise money for illnesses that could strike any of us, understandably the owner of the Maverick would want to protect business but a flyer for a gig next year in Wakefield or Birmingham ain’t gonna affect you too much pal, uncool in my book. 

Meanwhile Mayhem Freak were up and did a damn fine job, certainly got a lot better since I last saw them and the welcome addition of Dave Spibey from Potential Victims made it all the more better, great guitarist, great band. Main-grains brought the noise and when don’t they? Awesome set and JJ wasn’t wasted this time. If you ain’t heard them yet get on bloody youtube and check out some bloody songs goddammit, Ramones meets Wildhearts. Properly good fun, good time music. 

During the gig I went to find Joey seen as he had disappeared off the face of the earth. I found him looking terrible in the car having come down with a bad case of norovirus, he trooped on though, back into the venue to catch the bands where I thought I’d sort him out with a free pint. It didn’t work as he looked pained by the mere thought of alcohol and shuffled off to the back of the venue for some respite (I was very worried, if an Irish/Yorkshireman turns down something free then its bad news…especially if his name is Joey Class). As we piled into the car and got ourselves back to Blackpool he looked even worse which ended up being the death knell for our gig the next day in Evesham unfortunately. With the Blackpool gig a week ahead with Massive Wagons we needed our JC in full fighting fettle (worth noting I did offer him a big spoon of man-the-fuck-up the next day online, he replied saying he hopes I get it too and end up being sick on my flat mates balls. Charming!). 

The Waterloo, Blackpool (14.10.17) 

Now this was a belter, one of the best nights of the year certainly and before we start I want to give major league props to Ian Fletcher of The Waterloo for being a sterling chap all round. Looking after the bands with a crate and pizzas and generally just making you feel welcome and appreciated for being there, so many could learn from this man. 

I arrived early to help set up merch and gear but only Scott was to be found, JG had gone to get the gear and promptly forgot the T-shirts (never seen him move so quick having to chase down his lift to get back to his gaff). Massive Wagons were found and good chats were had about all sorts and everything. Every time we meet up they prove themselves as real gents and fantastic talents to boot. Kick ass tunes turned up to 11… what’s not to like. 

The fans came pouring in at a consistent rate as did the remainder of the band with Damo being his usual self… 
Kally: Hey bro, hows it going man long time no speak? 
Damo: Where’s the free beer? 

He marched off as it hadn’t been served yet so I busied myself selling merch and chin-wagging with all manners of folk. Theia served up a big fat slice of rock n roll to whet the appetites for what was yet to come, again a cracking set by them lads who travelled ages to open the night. 

The Senton Bombs were next and man this set rocked, you could feel the energy flying offstage with shapes and moves being pulled at every angle. Scotty proved he could power the national grid with the amount of movement he makes during a set. Nine of Hearts had Damo take the lead (literally) for once whilst JG was as rocksteady and reliable as always. JC made up for our cancelled gig by putting twice as much conviction and effort into the set than ever (and he never skimps on effort). It passed by in a flash of glory, my flash of glory however was short-lived when I stepped forward to have my spot in the limelight when the merch shout when out and I decked it having tripped over the stage monitor. Train Wreck nearly became one when JC knocked the mic-stand over with his bass on the opening note, being all flash with his spins. One of the best responses and most fun hometown sets I’ve seen from the SB for sure. 

Well, well, well, what can I say about MW? We had dragged a heap of our friends out on the promise of a top night and thanks to the Wagons it went above and beyond that. Stormer of a set from start to finish, the place was rammed and red hot. I can totally see why Earache Records have just signed these boys. I mean, the sound is authentic, the songs are top dollar and they are all sound as pounds. They will probably be too humble to agree but give it ten years and we won’t be able to stand at merch desks having a natter with them pre-gig because the other 100,000 people at Wembley stadium would be there before us. Unreal set, unreal band but very real success is going there way and so rightfully deserved. 

The last two dates of the year are fast approaching in November. First stop, Saturday the 11th of November at the Napier in Blackburn, followed by the final show, another hometown affair at what is fast becoming our favourite venue. Friday 17th November, with our amigos in Psychobabylon and the styling Stevie Pearce & The Hooligans. This one is not to be missed. Catch you all soon!

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