Why I Don't Vote


When Jeremy Paxman enquired with David Cameron about the 500 billion the Tories had borrowed in the last 5 years on some tedious channel 4 comedy coverage of the election, they showed one old woman reacting by saying "Who from?" in a shocked and high pitched voice.

Between 2010 and 2015 the Conservative party borrowed 500 billion pounds taking the national debt to 1.5 trillion pounds, growing exponentially (£5,170 per second, to be exact - see here).

So the 1.5 trillion pound question is - who did they borrow the money from?

Strange, no one really wonders to whom countries are in debt. I think most assume it's just to other countries.

For the purpose of this piece I will just call them the Money Lenders. From the private banks to the war-chest funding lobby groups and corporate contract seekers - If the Money Lender says to the borrower "jump over that fence" and the borrower refuses, the Money Lender will say "pay me my money back then, and don't be asking for any more", henceforth many fences are hurdled.

The election does not give people the choice of who will dictate the governing of the country. The Money Lenders are the shadow governors of this country and they have been for the last few hundred years. Think of them as a police chief allowing you to vote for their deputy. In this last election the country 'allegedly' voted for the "bad" cop, not that the "good" cops are clean - they are just more covert in the manner in which they implement the designs of their monetary masters. Whoever you choose, they both answer to the chief.

So,  where are my facts - Look up the following groups, corporations, think tanks etc. to get an idea of which meetings decide the true direction of the nation and it's partners in the Western Empire: The Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Chatham House, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Fabian Society for a start. Go further if you will to learn of the City of London Corporation, the Square Mile where you will find the Bank of England, in which royalty cannot step without permission. Of course, don't believe everything you read on the internet... but make sure that also applies to 'hear on the news' (especially), 'got taught in school', 'learned at church', 'read in a book' and so on. Form your beliefs as you wish.

I'm 31 and I have never voted. People say a lot of things to me about not voting and others are quick to label non-voters as apathetic. First off, my reasoning for not voting - I will not partake in the bread and circus, the greatest puppet show on earth, the pantomime of false democracy, the illusion of choice, the divide and conquer strategy, the segregation by class, race, gender - the division of society so carefully carved and skillfully incised by media surgeons of the highest caliber.

What do I hear... "People have died for your vote!"
Well, people have died because you voted. See the last time the saviours in red were in power, lying of non-existing weaponry as they sent the guardians of the nation to kill and be killed... a sorry state in which they remain for the foreseeable.

"You should have spoiled your ballot"
When was the last time the 'Spoiled Ballot Party' got into power?

"Not voting is defeatist!"
If anything it feels more like a minor personal victory in liberating yourself from the nonsense.

"It's people like you who have let the Tories in again!"
Here's a conspiracy theory for you - whoever is supposed to get in as part of the grand design of the shadowy plutocrats... gets in!
We're supposed to believe the majority of this nation voted like turkeys voting for Christmas (credit to Big Luke for that one). In the year two-thousand and fifteen where hover boards are a reality and drones traverse the skies, we still mark a piece of paper, in pencil no less, and watch kids from Sunderland pass it down a hill as they race to report their result over 14 hours before the final votes are declared. How good at maths are the people counting at this rapid pace?
Who is auditing them?
Who has vetted them and deemed them fit to decide the political fate of the nation through their skills of addition?
What did they get in GCSE maths?
I could go on... and I will...
What is the danger in using a computerised voting mechanism?
Oh, malfunction you cry.
An independantly audited highly tested system in the age of hover boards I ask ya...
Too secure, perhaps. Too precise as machines can be... too accurate... harder to rig an election that way...

Your vote doesn't count, those who are counting it do!

For the record, I'm not saying the election was rigged, just a theory of the internet variety for you to consider when you blame me, someone who sat at home and played FIFA instead of voting, for letting the bad cops back into the station. Oh yes, prepare for all kinds of evil torture because that's what the bad cops do best - beating confessions out of people when no crimes have been committed. I could say a lot more about these Orwellian lunatics but it's best not for their tolerance grows slim. The austerity and cuts are happening, no matter which party is elected. It doesn’t matter who serves as the current proxy – it’s business as usual.

So there you go. Find the facts, read for yourself and most importantly - make your own mind up. I do not judge those who participate, so do not judge those who choose not to be involved, after all - the important part is choice. If you think my reasoning nonsense, I do not challenge you and I do not wish to propose a torrent of solutions to our shared dilemma (cast out the money lenders!)... I just ask with sincerity that you don't further divide us who need be united. To vote or not to vote, let's not allow this to become yet another incision in our paper-thin, competition-driven, desensitised societies - big on hate and fear, short on love and hope. We're on the same side and we've all been losing for a very long time.

Oh, and for those who say "If you don't vote you don't get to have your say!"
Erm... just had it, cheers.