Breaking The Song - Lights Over Phoenix

Welcome to Breaking The Song, where the songs of the Bombs get dissected and deciphered. Have you ever not been able to tell what I’m saying?
Have you ever wondered "What the hell is this song about?"
Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Hopefully I can shine some light on the themes of the SB music. It’s time to break the song…
Around six years ago I began heavily researching into the world of conspiracies. I am not a conspiracy theorist, for I do not concoct the theories. A more appropriate description of people like myself tends to be the term ‘Truth Seeker’. Truth seekers analyse the theories, define the facts and assess the credibility of the source. There are many obstacles between the seeker and the truth; Counter intelligence, misinformation, disinformation etc. Once you discern that the ‘mainstream’ narrative is contrived and controlled with purpose, your perspective shifts rather rapidly.
"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research." William Cooper

The ubiquitous rabbit hole analogy, stemming from Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland, is accurate when traipsing the trails of conspiracies. Every time you watch a documentary, read an article, click a link – further down you go. The age of communication and the ever-spinning web mean the mass of info at the fingertips of the world’s population has grown exponentially. Once you start the journey it does feel more and more like you are falling down the rabbit hole with little end in sight.
The mainstream media has effectively infected modern society with many stigmas, one of those being that anyone believing in conspiracies must be some paranoid loner wearing the cliché tinfoil hat. This is a clever strategy as it deters potential truth seekers and also assigns ridicule to those who share theories publicly. It creates an easy target for the uneducated, misinformed, oblivious and those unwilling to research themselves, likely due to a subconscious disturbing fear. The truth is indeed hard to swallow, yet even harder to spit out.
The Concept
Inevitably this line of research will at some point lead to UFO’s - Unidentified Flying Objects. One must first note the clear distinction between aliens and UFOs. UFOs are fact. There are many recorded incidents of flying objects that are unidentifiable, that’s not to say these objects are occupied by aliens, simply that the observing human cannot determine exactly what it is they are seeing.
The UFO subject is one of great debate in conspiracy circles, with one particular incident that continues to generate discussion 18 years later. In 1997, a seemingly gigantic UFO passed over Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of witnesses reported it, although the media eventually reported it as flares. Even the local governor, who mocked the incident at the time, later revealed he too had witnessed a ship the size of two football fields pass over his house. It’s a great case with many documentaries, articles and viewpoints to wade through, but like all UFO mysteries – it remains unsolved. Flares, top secret military craft, aliens... we’ll probably never know and that forms the crux of this song.

LOP tackles the UFO subject using the 'Phoenix Lights' sighting as an exemplar. The song is agnostic in approach; UFOs may be piloted by aliens, they may not be – but somebody clearly knows more than they are letting on. From Canadian ministers (Paul Hellyer's claims) to former Russian presidents (Dmitry Medvedev's odd comments), countless military personnel, legions of abductees… all the revelations make the UFO subject a mine field – and it seems to be intentionally kept that way. The song is from perspective of a truth seeker, addressing the agents who withhold the information, incorporating elements of many related conspiracies, considering the veracity of the phenomenon.

There’s something lost inside, take the villagers for a good ride
The first verse looks at the UFO phenomenon as being ‘real’. These objects are unknown, alien devices. Inside the corridors of power, warehouses of evidence, something is purposely lost… the truth. The villagers are the people of the world mesmerized by the lights in the skies, simultaneously excited and afraid, like any good ride. Being taken for a ride is also a euphemism for being deceived.

Let them cross the great divide, walking through the rising tide
Time to let the people of the world cross the great divide, turn the esoteric to the exoteric. As the tide of interest rises, the flow of information increases, laced with deception - allow us to walk through and find the truth.

Slip away and slowly hide, one day you’ll be untied
To the covert agents, escape from your positions with restricted information, carefully lay low until you are free to reveal the truth. This references the numerous military/government/spaceflight personnel who have given accounts in their later lives, no longer afraid, sometimes even on their death-beds.

Maybe then we’ll see worlds collide, not until someone decides not to call it some mass conspiracy,
Concerned of the damage to reality

Potentially, some revelations may unlock the truth and allow us to know for certain - but not until the mainstream media are instructed to confirm the subject. Until that time the topic remains entrenched in the surreptitious. The obvious concern must be that life as we know it would dramatically change. No longer the most intelligent known beings, as we’ve not mastered inter-stellar travel (or have we?), the current world paradigm would shift. Could the population of earth handle such a revelation?

Now they’re just lights over Phoenix, lights over Phoenix, lights in the Arizona night
Now they’re just lights over Phoenix, lights over Phoenix, lights everywhere in sight

Organise some big charade, set it up and then betray
The second verse now looks at the possibility UFOs are being used to distract conspiracy theorists from the deeper truths (e.g. who is controlling the world and how). In this scenario big events are choreographed and leaked, (e.g. Roswell, Rendlesham Forrest, Battle of Los Angeles, Phoenix lights.). Set up to betray and mislead the public.

Keep the magic in the shade, otherwise you won’t persuade
To achieve the goal of such events, i.e. persuading the public on the existence of extra-terrestrial beings visiting planet Earth, the charade must be convincing – execution essential.

Pack a dagger for this crusade, wear a mask and masquerade
If you are doing the deeds of the clandestine powers that be then you must be prepared to pack a dagger and stab your fellow human’s in the back - possibly under the pretence "for their own good". Also, to wear a mask and hide your identity – maybe pretending to be something you are not; a shill, an infiltrator, agent provocateur, cloak and dagger.

Pick them off at the new arcade, all it takes is a few grenades for explosions of backwards secrecy, tipping the scales 33 degrees
The new arcade is the internet where the mass majority are picked off with a few carefully tossed grenades (i.e. stories, incidents, events, evidence), as simple as a Youtube video. Due to the nature of the internet these will inevitably explode (go viral) and be scrutinised and shared, spreading the fallacy – revealing the false to keep the real secrets safe. For example, the UFO Disclosure project has been accused of being fake, rallying people to follow this belief. Tipping the scales 33 degrees alludes to the alleged Masonic hand in all this, the society of secrets show up in a variety of conspiracies (e.g. the moon landings with Buzz and Neil being high ranking masons, “the eagle has landed”), it’s simply a nod to this line of thinking.
Information needs some setting free, it seems believing is no longer heresy
It does seem that people are encouraged to believe, through films, TV shows, documentaries etc. People who believe in UFOs and aliens are no longer considered ‘crazy’.

And then they’re gone, do they move on... back to Orion, beyond?
Imagination must run, now they are wild, job done, turn out the lights

The outro combines both perspectives. The lights appear and then they’re gone. So what are they? Where do they go?
In a nod to Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods and Sitchin’s 'Annunaki theory', allegedly translated from the Sumerian texts, Orion is referenced as a potential home amongst the stars for these visiting beings – or perhaps they’re visiting from somewhere beyond - or perhaps they are us from the future - or... ok, ok I'll stop already.

The imaginations of human beings must run to keep this topic prevalent, but on this subject they continue to run wild with the possibilities. Whose intention that may have been, it’s a job well done. The topic is shrouded in mystery, uncertainty, conflicting accounts and views. “Turn out the lights” can be read two ways – to the hidden powers perpetuating this deceit, you have achieved your goal so now stop messing with people; to the truth seekers, explore the subject as far as you can but don’t lose any sleep over it – there are much more pressing matters, turn out the lights and get some rest.

The artwork for the LOP single can also be interpreted two ways. The people being beamed up by the UFO can be viewed as being abducted; suggesting the reality of the phenomenon. Or they are being ‘sucked-in’ by the ship, alluding to the theory that the whole UFO phenomenon is a charade. Full credit to Dean Reilly for his take on this, my idea was a Last Supper featuring Grey aliens… unfortunately it had already been done.

The moment of truth always comes when delivering a song to the rest of the band. Johnny and Mason seemed instantly interested, the chorus hooking them in. Damien was non-committal at first, as he usually is, but it eventually grew on him too. I would never have guessed, of all our songs, that this one would be getting featured in Classic Rock, described as "Californian beach-evoking slice of poppy, punky rock"… but I’m glad it is. Certainly one of the more radio-friendly songs we have produced and fast becoming a live favourite too. I get the feeling we'll be playing it for a while.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, the lights in the sky will keep appearing and disappearing and we may never find out the truth about them. For now… they remain just lights in the Arizona night.

I hope you have enjoyed my first bash at breaking the song, I know I don't half ramble on at times so cheers for sticking with it. If there are any songs you want to know more about just let me know. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the skies and your bullshit meters at the ready.


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