Where We're At

It’s just over 4 years since I wrote a blog. You get out of the habit, and to say there has been a lot going on in that period is a supreme understatement. We’ve all got our stories to tell…

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Breaking the Record - Outsiders

A year ago today we finally acknowledged the obvious and declared The Senton Bombs ‘Outsiders’. I explained in some detail at the time in a previous blog and it’s the ‘Outsiders’ tag many of the reviewers picked up on saying…

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5 Years Since Chapter

Five years on with Album five dropping forty days from now, Friday, 27th September 2013 was a special day. Before the shenanigans of the evening unfolded Sally and myself were at Victoria Hospital discovering the sex of our first child…

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Outsiders Ain't Coming In!

“Some of us don’t fit in, some of us don’t know how, only so many misfits they’ll allow…” 
I feel this is a line which might resonate with everyone. At some point in our lives, in a variety of circumstances…

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The Black Chapter

Ever determined to minimise the internet in my life... and failing miserably, I seldom use this blog to publish my thoughts, but here I am, compelled, momentarily, to have a word, spew a little text. Hard Rock Hell AOR…

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Scruffs, Bricks & Foxes

After a 10-week break it was finally time to return to the road and kick-off our twelfth year of gigging in The Senton Bombs. We’d only managed one rehearsal in the interim but that was enough to scrub the…

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Annus Novus

Years might just be another lap around the sun but they do serve as good measuring sticks. The last two have been less a learning curve and more of a learning right-angle, the X-axis being ‘what we knew’ and the…

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Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 9

Day 9 – Hold the Plane (08.11.15)

I awoke on Sunday to the smell of sausages, Scotty doing what he does best (after drumming and driving), and decided to go for a walk in the fresh air. Squirrels ran amongst…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 8

Day 8 – Ball to the Wall (07.11.15)

Body clocks can be annoying devices. With every intention to lie-in and recuperate, all of us bar Kalum were up far earlier than we should have been. Damn that internal alarm. Fortunately…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 7

Day 7 – Re-Enter Netherlands (06.11.15)

Up early and out in the rain, the bass was still booming and the strippers still dancing as the morning light shone dimly through the roaming clouds. We bid a fond farewell to the…Read more

Tour Diary - Germany Day 6

Day 6 - The Most Sinful Mile (05.11.15)
Like a flatliner with defibrillator paddles charged I bolted to life in the early afternoon of Thursday the fifth. Fully dressed with no idea how I’d reached my bed. The first sight…Read more

Tour Diary - Germany Day 5

Day 5 - Bombs on The Reeperbahn (04.11.15)

Awake at 2am with forty-five minutes sleep under my belt, a wicked case of de ja vu struck as Mason pulled up outside. Time for leg two of our euro tour. We…Read more