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Train Wreck is the new single from the critically acclaimed album 'Mass Vendetta'. The song tells of gigs gone wrong and explores our ghoulish fascination with the disastrous. The four-minute hard rocker, as described by reviewers:

"It's a non-stop, fist pumping annihilation of excess RnR like most of this album."
Uber Rock

"The band get into a self-made slipstream and drive to a glorious oblivion, all done in sun-smoked tones and wonderfully discovered self-certainty."

"Flirtatious riffs and grooves joins the rapacious energy fuelling a rockabilly courting slice of bracing rock ā€˜nā€™ roll. Like Turbonegro meets The Pirates"
Ringmaster Reviews

"Train Wreck powers along with a rhythm like, well, a run-away train. A hard rocking, ass-kicking, slab of brilliance"
Black Velvet Magazine

"The high-speed intro that really does sound like a train heading down the tracks toward you."
Moshville Times

"Trainwreck is an amusing commentary on internal band politics. The retro melody packs out a sleazy swagger to complement the chaos."
Photo Groupie