From: Planet
By: Dennis Jarman
Of: 28/02/16
At: The Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Blackpool based The Senton Bombs kicked things back into gear with a high octane fueled extended set. Opener ‘Tornado’  went straight for the throat as the front rows swiftly filled up and their was no let up as the driving riffs and powerhouse drumming hurtled ‘Mainstream’ along.’Black Chariot was a Monster Magnet like stoner/doom crusher right down to the spacey guitar solo. ‘Darkest Horse’ was an anthem to end all anthems as lead vocalist/bass guitarist Joey Class belted it out and then introduced the hard as nails new song ‘The Trailblazer’. More over the top drumming was to follow from Scott Mason with guitarist Johnny Gibbons literally wringing the notes from his SG. A cover of the Supersuckers ‘Born With A Tail’ ended their colossal set with relentless riffing, closing a storming performance.

From: Planet
By: Louise Swift
Of: 12/02/16
At: The Brickyard, Carlisle

Carlisle is fairly easy to navigate around on foot and I didn’t have too far to walk from my B&B just outside the centre despite that I still managed to miss the first song or two of The Senton Bombs, as I misplaced my room key and was frantically looking for it for ten minutes. I caught Nine of Hearts and a few of tracks from from their Chapter Zero album including the upbeat Medusa and Darkest Horse a country and western meets punk number, which was introduced with a ‘We’re from Blackpool. We’re cheap as fuck’  then frontman Joey asked if we were all revved up for Rockmantic and thanked Raz for putting them on, then announced that they have a new record coming out soon. Although they didn’t finish with a new song they finished with a cover of Supersuckers’ Born With A Tail which had Joey doing a few side kicks in time to the beat, Damien pulling a few guitar faces and Scott hitting the drums so hard that a cymbal fell off! I caught the end of good set which couldn’t fail to get anyone revved up for the rest of Rockmantic.

It seems that co-reviewer Jo enjoyed them too here’s what she had to say “I got to the Brickyard just in time to catch some of first band The Senton Bombs. This is a new band to me and I found them punky but with an almost southern-rock influenced twist. Interesting, I would go to see them again!”

By: Rowena Lamb
Of: 17/07/15
At: Hope and Anchor, Islington, London

With the variance in sound quality I was definitely not expecting the ear assault I got off The Senton Bombs.  This was a complete turn around in clarity of sound but also being very clear in their style and stage presence. Their second song had a good easy rock style which actually reminded me of Massive Wagons whom I had gone to see the night before.  With the ambiance of the stage and their sound you could easily imagine them being at home in a Southern sawdust floor covered venue, especially during the following song; Black Chariot. There was a laid back easy likability to their performance and an effortless interaction with the audience.  Relaxed is a good way to describe them, as well as comfortable, but mindful also of their performance.

Moving aside the songs and easy interaction one clear selling point for me and those with me was their drummer; Scott Mason.  Huddled at the back in the corner Scott is by far one of the most entertaining drummers I have seen.  Imagine if you will a hairy, Northern version of animal.  Nothing, not one beat, movement or rest break was wasted, there was constant movement, expression, and drama throughout.  Hairy insanity pretty much sums it up.

Watching The Senton Bombs I was very surprised to think I had not managed to stumble across them before as surely I would have happen upon such a band before now.  One thing is for sure; I will be keeping an eye out for their name on further gig listings and in the meantime I’ll just have to settle for listening to one of their albums.

By: Emma
Of: 23/05/15
At: Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove

When hard rockers The Senton Bombs got on stage, there was no messing about – they were straight in with an explosion of sound (appropriately enough…). Their energy was bright and upbeat, and they’ve got some great songs. Their sound is an intriguing mix of classic rock, a little bit of punk and even some Southern rock at times.

There was a fantastic reaction from the crowd which comprised existing fans singing along and losing their minds and newcomers (like me) who were drawn to their tunes and party atmosphere.

Their sleazy good time rock & roll was the perfect soundtrack to beers on a sunny afternoon and for about half an hour the Worcestershire countryside was transformed into Sunset Strip on a Saturday night. Go and check these guys out while they’re still playing relatively small venues – you need to be quick though as they are destined for bigger things!