Live Reviews 2005-2008

From: Strummer Magazine
by: Ken Strummer
of: 13/10/05
At: Jenx

The Senton Bombs demanded the opening slot and who could argue with their thundering 100mph New York punk attitude. Joey and his felchers have plenty to say and it was nice to see the Liquid Lounge dance floor full of 2nd wave punks buzzing around like driver-less dodgems. Nice to see some angst amongst the younger generation and proof that not everyone is happy with the state of the ultra-safe/bland night-life in our wonderful town of Blackpool.
The Senton Bombs ooze image, and shameless nods to the Ramones and Dead Kennedy's don't seem to detract from their credibility. A great cover of the Clash's 'London's Burning' to finish a stunning set, and a great start to the John Peel day celebrations.

From: Bitter Sweet Embrace
by: Paul
of: 18/12/05
At: West Coast Rock Cafe

Next up, a band I'd heard lots about, but not yet seen myself: the Senton Bombs. God only knows what that name's supposed to mean, but it sounds like a Clash song title and, as such, the band more than live up to their name. Cranking out some of the best rockabilly and surf-inflected '77-style punk rock 'n' roll that I've heard in a long time, the Senton Bombs restored my faith in the possibility of combining fast and furious noise with great tunes; something I feared WPBN had destroyed for good. And they looked like they were having an awful lot of fun doing it, too. The set was finished off with a hell-for-leather version of Hit the Road Jack, followed by The Clash's London's Burning, played at twice the speed of the original. On the strength of the last number alone, they earned themselves a five star review in my world.

From: The Gazette
by: Robin Duke
of: 17/11/06 Rock Quest Heat 1
At: Tower Lounge

The Senton Bombs come with a ready- made following of dancing devotees willing to fill the venue's excellent new stage at the slightest invitation. They whizz through a high energy punk and roll set which includes the excellent My Girlfriend Was A Nazi.
It's easy to see why they are prime movers in Blackpool's rock renaissance – fun, friendly and utterly unpretentious. A breath of fresh air.

by: Stu Logan
of: 23/12/06
At: Riffs

Finally came the band that left no one in any doubt who they were. They blasted out their intro to the packed venue 'We Are The Senton Bombs' How good is that? Their awesome renditions rocked the place to the rafters.
All in all a superb night of rock and social intercourse. Thanks to the organisers, all the bands to numerous to mention, & barstaff. At £2 a pint plus free entrance, a very messy Christmas was had.

by: Fungalpunk
of: 20/02/07
At: Royal Oak (w/The Epoxies)

We arrived at 7.45 and after a few hello's to various mates and faces the first band Senton Bombs were hard at it rattling off an excellent set that wasn't my particular cup of tea but which was still highly enjoyable and set off a good nights viewing. Fairly powerful in parts and with a rock influence this four piece made a good racket that the punters seemed to enjoy. A couple of covers thrown in for good measure got them the nod too and so the gig unfolded.

From: The Gazette
by: Robin Duke
of: 16/11/07
At: Merrie England, North Pier

The Senton Bombs are what it says on their tin – no pretensions, no holds barred punk rock and roll. Vocalist and bass player Joey Class is a wonderfully stereotypical frontman and the sheer musicianship behind their succession of high energy anthems is faultless.

From: Blackpool Bands Forum
by: Deadbeat Dave
of: 24/03/08
At: Mercury Flux, Preston

I don't really want to blow any more smoke up Joey and the guys asses, as they know how much I enjoyed this set! So I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. This was the best set I saw all day (and there was some superb bands over the course of the day). Stunning guitar work from Damien and Jimmy Kage, Joey's vocals have somehow got even cooler with a few firebrand screams thrown in for good measure, and Mason is the best thing to happen to the Bombs in ages.
We get 'Buy Me A Gun', 'Violet Black', 'Rogue Style', 'My Girlfriend Was A Nazi' and 'Silencio D'Amour', along with some riff-heavy and catchy as hell new songs, the pick of which for me was 'No Return'. All played at full throttle with the trademark Kage guitar wall-of-sound and a tighter-than-fuck rhythm section thanks to the powerhouse drumming of Mason Mohawk and Class's pounding bass. They end with a ferocious 'Nightbreed', Jimmy soloing with the guitar behind his head and Class with his bass in the air!
Still sounding like a drug-crazed rock n roll party at the end of the world (and totally unlike any other band), The Senton Bombs are in a Class of their own. Congratulations to Mason for landing a dream job and nailing it, and to the Bombs for getting through all the shit they've had to deal with over the past year and coming out with all guns blazing. Great to have you back lads.
(That wasn't that short was it? Oh well, I tried….)

by: Fungalpunk
of: 06/06/08
At: Dog & Partridge, Bolton

Bands arrived and time was swallowed up by the hungry maw of the clock and before I knew it The Senton Bombs were kicking off the show. The fact that these weren't on first and that they offered no argument when asked to do so due to another bands late arrival was well noted and the set they knocked forth was a fuckin' beauty. I had seen these lot once before supporting Riot Squad and The Epoxies in Poulton and was undecided as to what I actually thought. I knew they weren't bad but on tonights evidence I fully realise these are a band who are just perfect to throw onto any gig to alter the style and yet still maintain a high level of quality. The cover of 'The Brothels' by Rancid was a peach and I really do need to get some stuff on CD by this choice band. Really enjoyable and although slightly sozzled I was still aware enough to recognise quality.

By: Fungalpunk
Of: 06/07/08
At: Retro Bar, Manchester

On time The Senton Bombs kicked off and combined orthodox rock and Ramonesy punk with excellent efficiency as well as adding their own flavouring which resulted in a truly enjoyable set. Self peddled on their myspace site as 'Kings of Wrestle Rock' I would like to suggest that I knew what this meant but if by any chanvce it hints at slamming the lugholes into submission with musical body blows and pile-driving punishment then I am not far off the mark - then again...! One of the good things about this lot is the fact that each member has his own on-stage visual persona with the guitarist looking like a Ramones extra adopting all the understated poses, the bassist looking the full rock monster with shades, long hair and solid bass playing and the powerful upright drummer who pounds away with deliberate anger and provides a concrete foundation for the two front lads to build on. All tracks were startlingly good with 'My Girlfriend Was A Nazi' a memorable snippet. Yeah more viewings please and hopefully more notice for this fine band who are ready to fly further afield from the sperm soaked shores of Blackpool.

From: Sandman Magazine
By: Al Turner
Of: 02/08/08
At: Cardigan Arms, Leeds

The second band of the night , surprisingly , were the highlight for me: The Senton Bombs , from Blackpool. Even though the crowd was small, they rocked to their hearts content, playing brilliantly, speedily and aggressively as hell. Songs such as Buy Me A Gun and My Girlfriend was a Nazi showed off impressive, fast rhythm accompanied by wailing guitar and gritty vocals. The songs they played seemed to take fast punk and add to it the vocal styling of 90's rock music.

From: Waynesplaceofconfusion
By: Wayne
Of: 03/10/08
At: Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

And so to the Main Event, and Blackpool's own Punk Rock Heavyweight Champions, The Senton Bombs. The poster said 'Kings of Wrestle Rock' and Kings they were. The crowd wanted blood and it was no-holds barred action from start to finish. They were the perfect mix of down and dirty rock n roll with punk written through it like a stick of neon pink rock. Mixing up the action with pile driving guitars and tomb stoning bass. Backed up with bone crunching Rik Flair chops from the drummer (and Whooo's from the audience) . The crowd knew the deal and responded with a royal rumble of their own on the dance floor.
This is a band that hits you with the force of a flying elbow from the top rope. And then will poke you in the eye for good measure. And you'll be wanting more. I'd say to all you grapple fans out there that The Senton Bombs are the Bret' the Hitman' Heart of Wrestle Rock with the power of the Undertaker to boot.
I can't wait to see them again, and if you see them on a wrestling card near you, you should do the same.
Now where's that steel chair.

By: Fungalpunk
Of: 22/11/08
At: Swinging Sporran, Birmingham

The Senton Bombs made this gig in good time and for one I am glad they did. Performance of the night must surely go to this great outfit and they got on with their usual rock and rolling in fine style with some nifty strokes on the bass, some fine guitarwork and a rock solid drumming performance. This isn't straightforward punk but blends several elements that combine to make a choice brew. The first time I saw these I was unsure but I am glad my curiosity got the better of me because these guys are pleasing me with every outing. 'Buy Me A Gun' was quite excellent and for me the Senton Bombs are always in the mix when considering bands for a gig. A great aspect to any showcase and I hope we can get them a better PA to display their fine sound next time.