Phantom High

The Senton Bombs


Phantom High

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    Phantom High

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    Lights Over Phoenix

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    Black Chariot

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    Passions Of The Passive Aggressive

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    Surf 6-66

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Phantom High

Hey bad brother be the one and only
Right next door someone's feeling lonely
Down on nothing, waiting for the weekend
No lifeguards and drowning at the deep end
Up and down, round and round
Torpedoes on the inbound
Flash a grin at the old sin and curse those lucky stars
Shedding skin feels like peeling plaster
Just then that mood starts rising faster

Phantom High - there and then it's gone
Phantom High - here then moving on
Phantom High - there and then it's gone
Phantom High, comes alive and then it dies that's a Phantom High

Hey good looking meet me in the hallway
Bite your lip and I will love you always
Up on something climbing round the bathroom
Two eyes spying, a female in a costume
Shake it off, then in, then out
As the neighbours scream and shout
Blow a kiss to the sweet abyss and thank those lucky stars
Some got a sense of damned disaster, Ignore before, forget the after

It's not I think therefore I am
Not quite I am therefore I think
Minus the thinking, Minus the thought
I am, I am, I am, I am… 

Lights  Over  Phoenix

There's something lost inside
Take the villagers for a good ride
Let them cross the great divide
Walking through the rising tide
Slip away and slowly hide
One day you'll be untied
Maybe then we'll see worlds collide
Not until someone decides not to call it some mass conspiracy
Concerned of the damage to reality

Now they're just lights over phoenix, lights over Phoenix
Lights in the Arizona night
Lights over Phoenix, lights over Phoenix
Lights everywhere in sight

Organise some big charade
Set it up and then betray
Keep the magic in the shade
Otherwise you won’t persuade
Pack a dagger for this crusade
Wear a mask and masquerade
Pick 'em off at the new arcade
All it takes is a few grenades for explosions of backwards secrecy
Tipping the scales 33 degrees

Information needs some setting free
It seems believing is no longer heresy

And then they're gone, do they move on back to Orion beyond?
Imagination must run, now they are wild, job done, turn out the lights

Black Chariot

When he entered they noticed, the patrons sat straight
They felt a strange presence, carried some weight
He might be a good man In disguise
There might be a bad moon on the rise
With no tobacco blew smoke through the place
His eyes were not open, an expressionless face
If he's looking for jesus he won't find him here
If he's looking for chickens, he might strike some fear

Then he took off his hat, showed off his horns
Smiled like the wild and the town was gone
Blood turned cold and thunder clapped
He said "I rode into town on a black chariot“

Threw down a gauntlet, cast out the men
Started the countdown, starting at ten
When he stared through my soul he told me one thing
I could ride in that chariot, all I had to do was sing
So I plucked up my guts, I fired up my chords
The count was at five when I prayed to my Lord
Over hearing my wishes, he shook his big head
I fell to my knees when I heard what he said

"Sing for me honey, sing best you can
You better sing well or I'll let you hang
Show me some substance, show what you got
And you can ride out of town on my black chariot"
Soon I'll soon be singing from the grave

He laughed at my effort then my neck snapped
My voice had been tricked, my soul had been trapped
Dragged me out the bar, threw me on the back
And rode out of town on his black chariot, singing...

Passions  Of  The  Passive  Aggressive

Frustration, I'm hit
Your mouth may be shut but your body's talking shit
Complications, over what?
Your staring at me cold but my temperature is hot
Aggravation, you've gone quiet
Always acting tough but I really don't buy it
Temptation seeps in, see you coming at me with that big fat grin

Now you’re out on the town, something going up something else going down
Catch you coming over in the corner of my eye
You want to say something but you just walk by

Passions of the passive aggressive
A message of something that you can't say
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me straight
If you say it, say it to my face

Defamation, that's it
There's nothing on my face but there may as well be spit
Desperation, you've got
Jealousy ain't pretty and soon you start to rot
Provocation, bad move
Happy to respond but I've got nothing to prove
Conversation wears thin, when you tell the tale it's just spin, spin, spin

Now it's time to walk the line, rumours running wild up and down the grapevine
Digging up some dirt is gonna leave a hole, someone's getting buried, someone's got to go

Don't stab me in the back like Brutus

Surf  6-66

Now Let the record spin, I keep you free from sin
I Go through hell and back in a Cadillac
Leave your car down a dead-end street
Johnny be bad with the board at his feet
Tripping out with a couple of beasts
One speaks like a dragon, says to me:
"There ain't no way you can surf 6-66 man“

Go Surfing on the lake of fire, oh yeah
Go surfing 6-66, yeah
Got to prove those devil's wrong

Now I'm on strychnine with Mr Divine
There ain't no vaccine until Chapter thirteen
See in this book the Greek is no good
The number is up all misunderstood
End of the world more like the end of the coast
Across the Aegean sea I see Crowley's ghost saying
"No way - you can surf 6-66 man"

© The Senton Bombs - 2014
Title: Phantom High
Type: E.P.
Tracks: 5
Producer: Ronnie Bomb
Label: STP Records/Holier Than Thou Records
Release Date: 18.07.14
Availability: Physical (Limited Edition 300 Copies), Digital

Review Quotes

"Phantom High takes us down the road of rock paradise with a mixture of great influences but more importantly a sound all of their own"
TBFM magazine

"This is classic Bombs!"
Moose Mann

"Get yourself a copy if you like good, catchy rock with punk and gravel galore"
Stud & Punks


Joey Class – Bass/Vocals
Johnny Gibbons - Guitars
Damien Kage - Guitars
Scott Mason – Drums

Recorded & Engineered by Ronnie Bomb

All tracks written by Joey Class © 2013
Except 'Surf 6-66' written by Joey Class & Jimmy Kage © 2006
Lyrics by Joey Class
Album Artwork by Dean Reilly
Album layout design by Gunslinger A/V
Additional vocals on Black Chariot by Laura Young
Additional guitars by Joey Class & Ronnie Bomb
Backing Vocals by The Senton Bombs

Track Listing

1.   Phantom High (2:30)
2.   Lights Over Phoenix (3:37)
3.   Black Chariot (4:58)
4.   Passions Of The Passive Aggressive (3:36)
5.   Surf 6-66 (3:40)