Planet Mosh Interview

Louella Deville from PlanetMosh chats to Joey Class and Scott Mason from The Senton Bombs about their latest album and what’s in store for fans in 2014. Here’s what they had to say: –

PlanetMosh recently reviewed your album Chapter Zero and it got upgraded to five stars when we changed our rating system I hope your happy with that?

So it’s no longer a nine out of ten it’s a five out of five star record? That’s going on a poster. Awesome. Thanks very much.

It’s a Five! You’ve been getting some good reviews all along for that album.

We’re waiting for a shit one to come in but it hasn’t yet (laughs).

You guys are from Blackpool?


When did you form?

We started in 2004 so next year it’s ten years for the band. We’ve had three different line-ups. We should really have changed the name but we haven’t. Ten years of the band 2014.

Will there be a Ten Years Special?

Yes. We might make our EP a little bit of a Ten Year Special. Probably not a gig or anything. We’re trying not to let people because we’re all still so young. We don’t want people to think we’re a crusty old band who’ve been going a decade! We just keep trying to bring out new tunes which, hopefully, everyone likes. There will a new album next year, definitely.

The Senton Bombs: Chapter Zero Cover

The Senton Bombs: Chapter Zero Cover

On your album Chapter Zero I picked up lots of different influences and I wondered, in terms of bands, who were your biggest influences?

Scott – For myself as the drummer I’ve been listening to a lot of eighties hair metal, I listen to a lot of Motley Crue and stuff like that. For the drumming aspect it’s got more influence, hitting harder and being more straight up about it. Personally bands like Gluecifer, Hardcore Superstar and stuff like that.

Joey – Personally I listen to a lot of Springstein, stuff like that and Aerosmith and DC and then The Clash all kinds of stuff really. The review said a lot of different things you can take any of those bands. I listened to Rage and The Foos when I was younger, Chilli Peppers . You’re on a musical journey – you get into different bands.

Scott – We all bring different influences. Johnny one of the guitarists he’s into metal music like Slayer and Megadeth. We like a bit of everything and that probably why it’s a weird mixture.

Joey – People can say it sounds like this or it sounds like that but that’s a good thing, we like our albums to be versatile.

Yes – when I’m reviewing I might say a band sounds like such a band but, that doesn’t mean I think they are plagiarizing them, just that they have a similar sound. I notice you’ve got Country Punk, which is something I’d not really heard before but Volbeat seem to use that style a lot. Do you like Volbeat?

Yes, they’re a Scandinavian band aren’t they Volbeat. We like all that kind of stuff but the Country comes from just Country stuff like Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Drive by Truckers and throw it in there with the rock that we like, throw it in there with the Punk that we like and that’s the kind of song you end up with but there’s no real thought of we’ll try and write a song like this band we just write a song that sounds like us

Well if it’s good you play it

Yeah if it’s good play it and if it sucks it goes on the shit pile (laughs). It’s quite a bit pile as well. We write a lot of songs.

Why should people come and see The Senton Bombs?

We always rock hard, very hard. We give one hundred per cent. Everyone who sees us says that live we’re better than we are on record so if you like our records you will probably like us better live and you’ll have a good time. We’re a good time band. Raise your beers. Cheers. Good times that’s what it’s all about. If you’re into a good time and live music come and see The Senton Bombs.

I enjoyed your show tomight. I’ve seen you before at Stevi Rox Birthday Bash, which was a really good show. You’ve got a new album coming out next year? 

We’ve got an EP coming out first, a five track EP which is going to form the rest of the album. The album will probably be recorded around the end of summertime. I don’t know when it will be out maybe early 2015 but the EP will be out in the next three to four months.

Awesome! Will you send me a copy to review?

Of course, especially after the last PlanetMosh review.

Thankyou very much for speaking to PlanetMosh

No problem

I’ll look out for you in 2014.

Please do and Thank you very much.

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