1.    A CV style response is required relating details of your musical history to date.  Name the releases, projects and tell us how you feel you have progressed as an individual player and as an integral part to the sound of The Senton Bombs.
We first appeared as The Senton Bombs on December 9th 2004. Between 2005 and 2008 we released four demos that we eventually stuck on one 14-track record called 'Turn Heel'. There was only me and Damien from the current line-up back then. We dropped down to a 3-piece when Mason joined on drums in 2009 and released our first full studio album 'Sweet Chin Music'. Johnny Gibbons then joined on guitar completing what is essentially a new band (since 2009) under the Bombs name. Last year we released 'Gambit', our strongest offering to date which was positively received all round. This summer STP Records will be releasing our brand new third album 'Chapter Zero'.

As an individual player I hope I'm always gradually improving - from my vocals to my playing. I started out when I was seventeen in a band called Reckless Youth, I also played guitar in the Sideshow Sirens for a couple of years. I've had the fortune of working with some really good musicians who I've managed to pick things up from. Currently I have a couple of side-projects on the go that are a lot of fun. I enjoy songwriting most and try to write a couple of song per week, always trying new styles. A constant work in progress.
2.   Having been a fan of The SB crew for a goodly while now I have seen you progress from a more routine rock and roll outfit to one who now fist fucks a noise with plenty of passionate spirit and added sexualised flamboyance.  In the face of apathy and blinkered bastards (which we have discussed over and over) what do you think was the inner driving force that helped you carry on?

Creativity is the main driving force. If you're a creative person and you have nothing to put that into you become frustrated and restless. The band has always satiated this, keeping me focused and inspired. We carry on with the belief that there are people out there who might enjoy the noise we make, whether it's just one in the crowd or someone stumbling across our music online, if they like it - it's worth it.

There are always roadblocks and obstacles encountered and as many lows as there are highs. Support, feedback and critique from reviewers like yourself is the reminder that people are still listening and dissecting. There is still a myriad of music lovers out there validating the need for new and original bands; ready to tell you that you're great or terrible, but ready all the same. Enthusiasm and apathy will always go head to head, it just depends on your inclination.
3.   Tell us about 3 songs that epitomise the bands sound and are the ones you would most willingly use to convert any doubters and distractors?

It's hard to be objective with your own stuff, I guess I'll go with what's online at the moment and has received the most unanimous approval. Each from last years Gambit album:
Do Your Job - Stop-start punk with message-laden lyrics.
Hooked - Gives you a taste of our sleazy rock n roll side.
Just Visiting - Our usual punk rock n roll standard.
You can check the videos out on Youtube and they're all available on i-tunes, Amazon etc.
4.   Do you feel that playing too many so called 'punk' gigs has held you back somewhat and if so, do you have plans to start branching out a little more?

We'll basically take any gig that's going. A big stage with bright lights or some crazy bastards living room. Whilst our style has been described as 'punk infected rock n roll', we've never let genres or 'scenes' dictate what we play. We love playing the 'punk' gigs as there's that rabid atmosphere and you get a lot of different vibes. Some don't like the look of you but it makes you work extra hard to impress them. There's nothing better than the feedback from someone you've won over in the space of 30 minutes on stage. Likewise, the punks are always honest and will tell you if it's not to their liking. Whilst it's considered a tough crowd, punk crowd's bring some rare commodities to the live music scene in 2013. Honesty, passion and loyalty. If you strike a bond with them, they'll support you like soldiers, wearing colours, patches, badges and they'll be with you until the end. Just look at the following the older bands pull from all over the world to our beloved little shit-hole Blackpool every year.
We'll branch out and play to anyone willing to listen, but I sincerely hope we're always playing punk gigs.
5.  The good, the bad and the ugly within the music scene - this is your last question of this quick fling fucking - name, shame, expose, praise and be honest.

The good is that the music scene is growing again. Having witnessed a combination of things damage it over the last several years, it's definitely recovering. Society is getting tired of staring at it's monitors and worrying about financial crisis. People need a release and there is no better remedy than 'real' social networking, alcohol and live music. Besides how can you post pictures of yourself pissed and rockin' out if you're sat in your dressing gown watching a Pink Floyd reunion on Youtube?

The bad is that there are still many live venues that haven't brought live music back. Maybe it's because they've had their hands burnt paying £500 for a tribute act who drew flies, or they just can't be arsed with the decibel complaints. I think if a few more took a night off and checked out local band nights they'd see that people are starting to show up again and it's time to capitalise. Basically - Give us more gigs!

The ugly. I know I've been instructed to name, shame and expose but... I'm struggling for the ugly. Not trying to be diplomatic or pretend there isn't some occasional bullshit, but there's nothing that I feel strongly enough about to state that it's downright ugly. We're not suffering from any clique alienation, feuding with any rival bands and we've not been burnt by any promoters/venues/bullshitters for quite some time. I think i just matured during this paragraph.

I can tell you for sure, 'The Excellent' is STP Records releasing our new album Chapter Zero this summer! (the mastered art of the cheap off-topic plug!)