Wasted World

Blackpool's legendary comic strip 'Wasted World' has once again immortalised The Senton Bombs for 'Wasted World : The Music Volume 2'. Train Wreck (from Mass Vendetta), the choice of the day, fitting perfectly as the backdrop to a night out at the Pits in Ugleigh. You can hear all the contributions to the compilation RIGHT HERE.

Wasted World is the brainchild of Dan Webster (Drummer - The Drop-Out Wives, The Delmars), former bandmate of Joey Class in The Side-Show Sirens and long-time close friend. The story follows the day-to-day antics of rockers, wasters and perennial losers Sid and Blackout as they do their best to avoid trouble whilst staying as high as they can. The strip, each containing a classic one-liner built on satire and parody of rockers world-wide, has featured in several publications over the years and can be currently found on Facebook right here.

This is not The Senton Bombs first collaboration with Wasted World, in fact, far from it. The opening track of 'Wasted World : The Music Volume 1' was the hastily recorded "It's Wasted World", by Joey Class and Ronnie Bomb (ex-Bombs drummer and current record producer), a Southpark-esque theme-track written specifically for the comic. This was followed up with an official contribution from the full band - 'Little Something' from the album 'Sweet Chin Music', which also had an accompanying music video.

Safe to say, Wasted World is well worth your time and attention. With unique artwork, excellent caricatures and comical writing, go explore the 'World' for yourself, and be sure to stick 'The Music Volume 2' on whilst you do.