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14.09.16 - The Devil Trilogy

The 'Devil Trilogy' is complete. Three songs released over three years, on three separate records, each detailing an encounter with the Prince of Darkness. A Senton Rock Opera, now available for stream/download as an E.P. right here. You can expect to hear these stories hitting the airwaves far and wide in the coming months. Hope you enjoy. The 2016 gig schedule finishes in October, it's been one hell of a year and there's some big announcements for next year on the way. As always, stay tuned!


21.07.16 - Red Shield Video

Check out the all new lyric video for the song Red Shield. Telling a tale of 'insider trading' over 200 years old which still has repercussions to this day. As we continue traveling around the country playing songs from Mass Vendetta, expect to hear this one in the set soon.


16.06.16 - Classic Rock & Planet Rock

The amazing coverage of the Mass Vendetta album continues with reviews in this month's Classic Rock, Powerplay and Fireworks magazines. You may have also heard the latest single Train Wreck getting played far and wide, including regular play on Planet Rock. CR's Mark Beaumont described the record as "Catchy firebrand riffs designed to ring hell's own schoolbell"!!!


01.05.16 - Exclusive Free Download

Download new single 'Train Wreck' exclusively FREE RIGHT HERE!!!
The latest single from the Mass Vendetta album is being played far and wide. The song tells of gigs gone wrong and explores our ghoulish fascination with the disastrous. You can read more about where some of the inspiration for the song came from in the Classified blog. Enjoy!


29.04.16 - Streaming & Kerrang