Polly Phluid - In The Class Room

It’s been a good while since I invited a guest into the Class Room for some probing (not of the anal variety, sick readers). School has been out for summer… winter, spring and autumn, but when the bell rings and

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Barry Mills - In The Class Room

Welcome back to the Class Room. Today's supply teacher gives out lessons in 'How-to-Rock' on a gig-to-gig basis. He's the lead singer of one of the best rising rock acts in the UK. In the midst of his current tour…Read more

Stormy Weathers - In The Class Room

Welcome to the Class Room!

It’s been almost 10 years since I used to interview stalwarts of the underground rock scene and I once again have the itch to learn more about my contemporaries. With the SB wesbite raking in…

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