Blues On The Vine

With the last weekend of Bombs activity on the horizon before a long month of gig drought, due to Class on a family holiday and a deserved break for the chaps from blazing trails across English stages, this was sure to be a corker. Bombs, plus young bucks Bulletproof Rose and the brilliant Massive Wagons in a highly reputable rock n roll bar just outside the scenic Lake District - I was on tenterhooks to get on the road, drink beer, take the piss and have a hell of a laugh with my bros.

Vine Bar, Workington (28.08.15)

As has happened many times this year - our local bar/jam room was locked up and the landlord was nowhere in sight. We had to wait what seemed an eternity for the lazy leprechaun to rise from his slovenly pit to let us in. We didn't let this dampen our spirits which were immediately heightened due to me regaling the story of the time when I was fifteen and shaved my head, going through a 'This is England' phase, a bad move to say the least as several people asked me whether I had leukaemia.

Anyhow, Class was picked up next, extremely grateful that Scotty had been a good friend and gone shopping for some shiny black material to fashion a new bandanna out of (Joey claims he is the least image conscious of the lot of us but deep down we know he takes the longest to come out of his home at pick-up time due to choosing which band shirt goes with his tatty trainers and whether his hair looks suitably Chris Cornell-ish). Next, Damien appeared from his home in typical Kage fashion - a bag of beer, a huge grin and, of course, waiting until we were nearly on the motorway to ask did we pack all his gear for him.

The journey was jovial with much conversation about the now announced European mini-tour we have booked and JG, Kage and myself engrossed in our usual musical conversations that go a little like this.....

Kal: Man, I've been listening to such a band lately.
JG: Ahahah I've not heard that band in years, have you heard such an album the drummer was on?
Kage: I fucking love that album man, it's so sick and such a guitarist has amazing tone.
JG: Jesus, yeah man, he is the Macdaddy that guy!
Kal: Wasn't he on such an album that also featured such a guy?
JG: Ooooh man yeah, if you like that album check the one out after that, it's so underrated.

Class turned to us mid conversation and rudely proclaimed our encyclopaedic knowledge of rock music chatter is actually really irritating from his perspective and we should all stop being such fannies about it. Cheeky bastard or what! Just because it wasn't about Country music or reptilian overlords controlling the central banks and media doesn't mean its a boring conversation. So we carried on and let him listen to Scott, who was probably talking about drums, or trailers, or drumsticks, or beard care, or some such other trivial shit.

We rolled up to Workington in record time and spent about half an hour driving round the same square looking for a sign saying the Vine Bar, when all along it had a sign saying The Grapes. We loaded in once the unfindable bar had been found and met up with the sound gentlemen of Bulletproof Rose. As previously stated, they are a young band of four lads who play rock n roll the way like I it. Being hometown boys they promised us a great night ahead then right on cue Massive Wagons turned up. I busied myself catching up with Barry (singer) and Adam (lead guitar) who I had only caught once in Preston about 18 months previously in which time they had released a new album (which is fantastic by the way) and garnered all sorts of high praise from rock radio and magazines.

Being first on the Bombs had some familiar faces up front  with the Wiltons. With amps cranked and drums thundering the lads blistered through the set, but not without Damo's having a troublesome time during the intro of Black Chariot. Apart from that it was the usual high octane shit kicking rock n roll show we have come to expect from the Bombs. As much as I love the Nine of Hearts and Tornado etc. they will soon be revamping the set with two newies which I've heard and can honestly say that once the other new ones have been dropped in - the Sentons are going to hit the big time!

As to be expected from my brilliant self, the whip round on merch was successful and with the crowd packed to capacity Bulletproof Rose went ahead and capatilised on the Bombs energy and tore the place apart. With me especially getting a bit giddy when they played Slither by Velvet Revolver... resulting in me and Scott doing our best Scott Weiland arse wiggling-hand on hip moves... yes we looked brilliant. Damo started moaning about not being able to cadge a smoke from me due to me giving up which was promply ignored as the mighty Wagons were taking the stage and holy shit were they good - yes, oh lord, yes! I even got a shout out just before they played Red Dress... I'm hoping due to me rocking out like a mad fan boy, not due to Barry wanting to see me in a slinky red number.

Albums were swapped and T-shirts bought by one band from another. I hope that it's not the last time this line-up plays together as it counts as one of my favourite gigs this year. The drive home was filled with the sounds of not a lot to be honest after Class developed a migraine, so it was all chilled on the way back to Shitpool. Next stop was a hometown gig at our localtThe Blue Room, a bill filled with our good friends CSOD, Drop out Wives and Black Eddy, sure to be a night to remember.

Blue Room, Blackpool (30.08.15)

I arrived at the Blue Room tanked up on rum and ready to rock. Black Eddy were half way through a set and warming up the eager crowd in their signature goth/grunge style. I can't wait for them to finish an album, as mentioned in a previous blog they have been around a couple of years now and hopefully with this line-up they can set aside anymore hiccups and get on with making brilliant music. A truly excellent band who give the growing Blackpool scene a good name.

The Wives were up next with Stormy Weathers starting off the show in his native French language, adding a touch of culture to the night he announced that there were a lot of good looking young men in tonight and he liked it that way. We all shook our heads at his piss taking as they gave the crowd a typically crazy set, including a new tune from a yet untitled new album that's going to be recorded later in the year, no doubt  this will add another gem to their growing collection of garage rock brilliance. No band is based on one guy and with Big D on drums, Rixoni on bass and the siren of Blackpool Natalie on rhythm guitar and Weathers provided the most kick ass set I had seen from them in a long time. The Easter Bunny and Cuffi from CSOD joined them on stage for the set closer of 'God of Rock n Roll', Cuffi being the giant he is looking somewhat comical holding Weathers ¾ sized teardrop guitar and shredding his way through 7 minutes of chaos. I absolutely love these guys as a band and as people and implore anyone to check out 'Fuck Love' off their album 'Voting for Gloss' released at the tail end of 2014 (the music video is on youtube).

CSOD were up next and despite Cuffi having tech difficulties with guitar leads playing up they played a tight as hell set, featuring covers from GWAR, Misfits and Rolling Stones supplemented by amazing material from their latest EP Final Insult. Cheers were all round as singer Ligzig announced the Bass player known as Our Jupes has popped the question to the local lovely known as Peg, a great couple who I cant wait to see tie the knot In what shall be my first wedding. Another band doing the local scene proud for many years and with constant writing for their debut album underway these guys are a force to be reckoned with, you have to see and hear them to believe the brutality they produce and long may it continue.

Bombs were the headiners tonight and they delivered a high voltage barn storming set that had the whole audience moshing like maniacs. It reaffirmed that no matter whose amps fuck up, if any beats are dropped or any lines are fluffed - the Bombs are the premier band on the level they are at and the bands at the top better watch out because with the new album ready to be unleashed at the beginning of next year - Joey, Johnny, Damo and Masey are ready to strike and claim the limelight that has so far evaded them. Right in their trail I'll be following, carrying the gear, talking shit and bringing in the money... well if they can put up with me for much longer that is.

A long month off now but we are back on the 2nd of October for three straight gigs to promote the new single Mainstream with our Danish brothers Kjurious and Zoo Me Now. Followed shortly by four concerts in the Netherlands which we are all massively stoked for, plus a hometown gig featuring fellow future headliners The Idol Dead and New Generation Superstars, until the next blog and gigs stay cool and remember there is NO REST FOR THE ROCKIN'

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