Back On The Road

Snooty Fox, Wakefield (07.02.15)

Well, well, well, the first gig of the year. After only 2 gigs in the last 3 months due to recording we are finally back on the road, back to the Snooty Fox in Wakefield for Martin Short’s Bad Ass Bash. The Bombs played here on the summer tour last year with The Idol Dead and X-Contract to a modest midweek crowd, but the heritage of the venue, great sound and cheap beer won us over. With high spirits we set off from Shitpool… but not first without Scott and Joey having a minor row about opening a door (nice to know in an uncertain world that some things never change).

For me half the fun of touring with the Bombs is the journeys there and back, regardless of how the gig goes. This being the first big trek for a while meant many topics were covered. From my new Bombs Jackals tattoo to Damien's burgeoning obsession with Mark Knopfler, theism, deism, the occult and the etymology of words.  With education finished, the beer flowing and Damo spilling we arrived at the venue just as Psychobabylon where going on. Killer band, definitely need to check these guys out again.

As Damo and Class ate all my takeaway chips (I said have a few you fuckers) and JG gave out child-sized pizza portions we spotted a fair few familiar faces in the crowd (The Hill’s and Polly from The Idol Dead). We were soon accosted by a slightly drunken Mr Stevi Rox (no.1 Bombs fan) and his good lady Katie. Whilst Mr Rox shouted Bombs lyrics across the venue at various degrees of volume (loud and fuckin' louder) the Bombs set up and proceeded to kick some serious ass on stage.

Half-way through the set Martin announced that the headlining band Captain Horizon were unfortunately unable to play so the Bombs were kindly asked if they minded carrying on a little longer. Request granted, prompting oldies from the Gambit era being brought out to play (must play Hooked more, Motley couldn’t have come up with a song with as much swagger as that tune). Finishing up nicely with the seminal Supersuckers track Born with a Tail and the ever present Jackals the band received a killer applause from the crowd, the merch was flying of the stall. The lads had definitely gained a fair few new fans tonight.

With the gear packed up and Damo fully stocked on a house bottle of wine (bad news) we set off for home to the killer sounds of Monster Magnet ‘Monolithic Baby’ blasting out of the car.

Now the next hour or so is a bit hazy for myself but from what I recall I suddenly "grew a pair", as JG so eloquently put it, as I started to try and crawl up the pecking order taking verbal digs at our Scott (not hard) and JG (stupid idea), he said “If you even dream of punching me you better wake up and apologise”. This went on for a good hour or so with various members of the band nearly dying from laughter at my verbal beasting of the said two. We pulled into services where the banter was ended by JG. Pinning me to the ground and delivering a few well places digs to the body and a warning not to be cheeky again. Lesson learned.

The battle between the two Sensibles (Scott and JG) versus the newly re-christened Freaky Naughty Club (me and Damo) will no doubt rage on throughout the year which will probably end badly for me. If you’re wondering why there is no mention of the master of muppets himself Class, he was in the footwell dying with laughter not knowing which club to join, I think personally he is a Freaky Naughty wannabe though he vehemently denies this.

Normal service resumed with Damo now comatose from his cheap wine, said wine being drank by yours truly (cheers bro) we got back to Shitpool in even higher spirits than we left with. The next gig being a month away (March 7th Engine Rooms, Skelmersdale) we shall all simmer until then with knowledge this year is going to be killer.

Until the next Road Stories, no rest for the rockin'

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