Breaking The Song - Mainstream


First single from the forthcoming ‘Mass Vendetta’ album is doing the rounds, topping charts and receiving extremely solid feedback from all quarters – time to break another song.


The song came out of a late 2014 jam session…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 4

Day 4 - Home Sweet Home (18.10.15)

Only managing a couple of hours sleep I was delighted to find Scott awake and ready to cook again, what a hero. I got a call from Sally and during our conversation realised…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 3

Day 3 - New Jack City (17.10.15)

I awoke to the sound and smell of sizzling sausages. Eyes flashed open and all the colours of the world flooding in. I instantly knew I’d had an alcohol blackout and was still…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 2

DAY 2 – Stick to the Beers (16.10.15)

Rising like phoenixes, it was up at 11am for showers and refreshment. Scotty cooked the sausages whilst I scrambled eggs and beans. With some time to spare we took a walk around…Read more

Tour Diary - Netherlands Day 1

DAY 1 – Not So Fresh Princes (15.10.15)

Two nights of broken sleep preceded our first trip to the Netherlands. Long working days and a daughter with a fever made the 2:30am pick-up on Thursday tough. If there’s one thing…Read more

Breaking The Song - Black Chariot


With the final digital single release from the Phantom High E.P. upon us, it seems as good a time as any to break another song. Black Chariot… roll on down.
As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Black Chariot…Read more



Making music can be as stressful as it is rewarding. After recording and releasing several records over the last few years (2011/2012 Gambit, 2012/2013 Chapter Zero, 2013/2014 Phantom High) and working on the new album from December 2014 until…Read more

Train Wrecks


I'm one of these lucky people surrounded by a group of friends who are all very creative. My friends are artists, tattooists, photographers, cartoonists, film makers, musicians and much more. It really is inspiring to see each individuals contribution…Read more

Why I Don't Vote


When Jeremy Paxman enquired with David Cameron about the 500 billion the Tories had borrowed in the last 5 years on some tedious channel 4 comedy coverage of the election, they showed one old woman reacting by saying "Who…Read more

Breaking The Song - Lights Over Phoenix

Welcome to Breaking The Song, where the songs of the Bombs get dissected and deciphered. Have you ever not been able to tell what I’m saying?
Have you ever wondered "What the hell is this song about?"
Well…Read more

Decade Down


10 years is a long fuckin' time to be in a band!
From the tale of my teens to the beginning of my thirties I’ve been sticking my shades on and making a racket. Damien (the Chewy to my…Read more